Cricket World Cup 2019: Information,Facts, Fixture

Cricket World Cup 2019: Information,Facts, Fixture


Sachin……Sachin…….!!!! Sachin…..Sachin……..!!!!! when I hear that sound it gives goosebumps… It was used to cheer up Sachin or Indirectly to team India. Yes as titled this article is all about our favorite sports CRICKET. Cricket is a religion in India. Every other person follows Cricket by heart.World Cup 2019
ICC(International Cricket Council)is a governing body of all cricket played around the world. Cricket World Cup is organized by ICC.

It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from Australia, England, and South Africa. It was renamed as the International Cricket Conference in 1965 and took up its current name in 1989.

ICC has 105 members.12 full members and 93 Associate members. 12 full members play test cricket(5 days match).

12 The full member includes Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Shri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe.


First international match played between the USA vs Canada in 1844 but First official test match played between Australia vs England in 1877.
The First Modern Day World Cup 1975 in England and trophy won by West Indies. Total 11 editions of World Cup is completed. Australia is on top of the list for winning World cup.
Australia-5 (1987,1999,2003,2007,2015)
India– 2(1983,2011)
West Indies– 2(1975,1979)
Pakistan– 1(1992)
Sri lanka -1(1996)


World Cup 2019 is 12th edition of World Cup.

Total 11 edition of World Cup gives Following Stats:

Most Runs: Sanchin Tendulkar (2278)

Most runs in a tournament: Sanchin Tendulkar-673 (2003)

Most hundreds: Sanchin Tendulkar-6

Highest score: Martin Guptill(237 vs West Indies in 2015)

Most Wickets: Glenn McGrath (71)

Most wickets in a tournament: Glenn McGrath (26) 2007

Best bowling figures: Glenn McGrath (7/15 Vs Namibia) in 2003

Lowest average: Glenn McGrath (18.19)

Most dismissals (wicket-keeper): Kumar Sangakkara 54 (2003–2015)

Most catches (fielder): Ricky Ponting -28 (1996–2011)

Highest score: Australia Vs Afghanistan 417/6 (2015)

Lowest score: Canada Vs Sri Lanka 36 (2003)

Most consecutive wins: Australia 27


World Cup 2019 is hosted by 10 City in England and Wales including 11 Stadiums.

Cricket World Cup 2019

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The 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup, scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July 2019.


30 May England v South Africa, The Oval (3:00 PM IST)

31 May West Indies v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (3:00 PM IST)

 1 June

New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (3:00 PM IST)

Afghanistan v Australia, Bristol (d/n) (6:00 PM IST)

2 June South Africa v Bangladesh, The Oval (3:00 PM IST)

3 June England v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (3:00 PM IST)

4 June Afghanistan v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (3:00 PM IST)

5 June South Africa v India, Southampton (3:00 PM IST)

 Bangladesh v New Zealand, The Oval (d/n) (6:00 PM IST)

6 June Australia v West Indies, Trent Bridge (3:00 PM IST)

7 June Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Bristol (3:00 PM IST)

8 June England v Bangladesh, Cardiff (3:00 PM IST)

Afghanistan v New Zealand, Taunton (d/n) (6:00 PM IST)

9 June India v Australia, The Oval (3:00 PM IST)

10 June South Africa v West Indies, Southampton (3:00 PM IST)

11 June Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Bristol (3:00 PM IST)

12 June Australia v Pakistan, Taunton (3:00 PM IST)

13 June India v New Zealand, Trent Bridge (3:00 PM IST)

14 June England v West Indies, Southampton (3:00 PM IST)

15 June Sri Lanka v Australia, The Oval (3:00 PM IST)

 South Africa v Afghanistan, Cardiff (d/n) (6:00 PM IST)

16 June India v Pakistan, Old Trafford (3:00 PM IST)

17 June West Indies v Bangladesh, Taunton (3:00 PM IST)

18 June England v Afghanistan, Old Trafford (3:00 PM IST)

19 June  New Zealand v South Africa, Edgbaston (3:00 PM IST)

20 June Australia v Bangladesh, Trent Bridge (3:00 PM IST)

21 June England v Sri Lanka, Headingley (3:00 PM IST)

22 June India v Afghanistan, Southampton (3:00 PM IST)

West Indies v New Zealand, Old Trafford (d/n) (6:00 PM IST)

23 June Pakistan v South Africa, Lord’s (3:00 PM IST)

24 June Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Southampton (3:00 PM IST)

25 June England v Australia, Lord’s (3:00 PM IST)

26 June New Zealand v Pakistan, Edgbaston (3:00 PM IST)

27 June West Indies v India, Old Trafford (3:00 PM IST)

28 June Sri Lanka v South Africa, Chester-le-Street (3:00 PM IST)

29 June Pakistan v Afghanistan, Headingley (3:00 PM IST)

New Zealand v Australia, Lord’s (d/n) (6:00 PM IST)

30 June England v India, Edgbaston (3:00 PM IST)


1 July Sri Lanka v West Indies, Chester-le-Street (3:00 PM IST)

2 July Bangladesh v India, Edgbaston (3:00 PM IST)

3 July England v New Zealand, Chester-le-Street (3:00 PM IST)

4 July Afghanistan v West Indies, Headingley (3:00 PM IST)

5 July Pakistan v Bangladesh, Lord’s (d/n) (3:00 PM IST)

6 July Sri Lanka v India, Headingley (3:00 PM IST)

Australia v South Africa, Old Trafford (d/n) (6:00 PM IST)


9 July  1st v 4th, Old Trafford (3:00 PM IST)

11 July 2nd v 3rd, Edgbaston (3:00 PM IST)


14 July , Lord’s (3:00 PM IST)

!! Enjoy The Game of CRICKET !!



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