How to advertise on Facebook

How to advertise on Facebook

Until now 2 billion people were using Facebook.

10million people like, share the content on Facebook per day. Facebook is very beneficial for everyone because of its features likes chatting, entertainment, pages, posts, friends and last but not the list its FREE.

Facebook is the platform where we can do advertising for getting more leads. It is the best way to promote your business.

For your business promotion, you must have your business official Facebook page. It is created using ‘create page’ on top of the menu.

how to Advertise on Facebook

So here, we take step by step procedure for advertising on Facebook. There are mainly 4 steps

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1.Choose Marketing Objective:

how to Advertisement on Facebook

The first major step is choosing objective for your campaign. There are 3 category



i) Brand Awareness-

Increase Awareness for your Brand by reaching a maximum number of people who are likely interested in it.

ii) Reach-

Show your ad to a maximum number of people.


i) Traffic-

Send more people to your website, app etc.

ii) Engagement-

get more post engagement and page likes,

iii) App Installs-

get more people to install your app.

iv) Video Views-

get more people to view video content.

v) Lead Generation-

get more leads/customers list.


i) Conversion-

get valuable action on website or app.

ii) Product Catalogue Sale-

Show product from the product catalog.

iii) Store Visits-

get more store visits.

 After choosing Your objective for your business

2.Advert account:

Advertisement on Facebook

Here you need to give information about yourself like the country currency time zone account name.

3.Advert set.

Ads on Facebook

This is the main part of your advertisement. Here there are 4 steps to follow.

i) Page:

here you choose a page for yours to advertise.

ii) Audience:

the audience for advertising is selected here on basis of age, location, interest, gender, language

iii) Placement:

Show your adverts to the right people in the right places.

iv) Budget and schedule:

The budget of advertising will decide here. How much money spent on your ad will be decided in this section. Also scheduling of your ad here like time date etc

Facebook advertising


The formatting of ad that is how ad looks like the content of the ad is decided in this part.


After all these 4 steps your ad will be ready to publish.This is the best way to promote your business online.Facebook has tremendous power to generate leads for your business, you just need to use in proper way.It is the main part of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

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