Romantic ideas to make valentine week very special.

Romantic ideas to make valentine week very special.

Love bugs get ready!! It’s time of the year when you can freely express your feeling for your special person. Valentine Day is famous throughout the world around 14 February every year.

Before Valentine day there is a whole week to express yourself to someone who is very special to you.

Valentine week is celebrated from 7th February to 14th February. The entire Valentine week is known to be the week of love and romance.

Each day of valentine week is supposed to be very special and express your love in a unique way with many surprises!!

Here we give you some unique idea for each day in Valentine week. Let’s go n read new ideas for your special one to surprise him/her.

7 February -Rose Day

8 February -Propose Day

9 February – Chocolate Day

10 February -Teddy Day

11 February – Promise day

12  February -Hug Day

13 February -Kiss Day

14 February -Valentine Day

7 February Rose Day:valentine week

The first day of the Valentine week is the ‘Rose Day’. Rose is a symbol of Love. A Rose is a perfect start to the relationship. Take a bouquet of red rose n surprise him/her. If you are tight on bouget just bring one lovely red rose for the special one. You can choose the different time for expressing rose day. If you are good friends then also you can celebrate rose day. Finally rose matters love whom n whoever it is.

8 February Propose Day:

valentine week

If you like someone then this is the perfect day for extending your friendship next level. It is the second day of valentine week. You can take him/her to date n give surprise with a lovely ring of any gift.

If you are already married, confess your love for your partner in a unique way or simply renew your vows. You can take a break from your tight scheduled n give time for your beloved one.



9 February Chocolate Day:valentine week

Add sweetness to your love life with lots of chocolates. It is the third day of valentine week. You can give him/her a chocolate box or just one Cadbury. Everyone loves chocolate no matter of quantity.

10 February Teddy Day:

valentine week

It is the 4th day of valentine week A Teddy Day. Almost all girls love teddy. So, after the sweetness of chocolates its time for lovely teddy. You can give a big teddy for her or just give one small teddy according to your budget. This gift can sit in your room and always remind you of the special love you have in your life.



11 February Promise day:

A relationship without a promise is incomplete. It is the fifth day of valentine week. Don’t make big promises just keep it simple but very effective.

On this day gift your beloved a box of surprises with small, sweet and romantic promises to be kept forever. Make it unique by promising something really special to them under the moonlight or at the time when you are both immersed in the moment during your candlelight dinner.

12 February Hug Day:

valentine week

Nothing can convey your emotions as effectively as a hug. It’s the 6th day of valentine week. Hug gives a feeling which you’re not alone. You can take some time out of your busy schedule and take your beloved out for some time alone.

Make it casual, fun and refreshing by playing games or eating out. Look for opportunities to hug your darling and see their eyes smile.


13 February Kiss Day:

valentine week

Kissing on the forehead is the best thing you can do to your partner. A kiss on the forehead conveys a message of strong love and compassion for your partner. Its 6th day of valentine week.

A small kiss game with your partner would give your day a perfect end. You’ll find different kinds of kiss including like Christmas kiss, lip to lip kiss, kiss on the brow.


14 February Valentine Day:

The last but most important day it’s valentine day. On this lovely day, you can express your love for him/her. On this day you are completely free to impress your partner with a romantic dinner date idea or with a complete day to his/her name.

There is just a favorite saying that “Do not wait until it’s too late to share with someone just how much you really love them, simply how far you really care about these. As they are gone, however loudly you yell and shout, they’ll not listen to you any longer.”

Read more ideas for celebrating romantic Valentine’s day.

Whatever you do, do not miss the opportunity to say the three magical words ‘I LOVE YOU’ to someone special in your life.

Happy Valentine’s day


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